Ahoj. Svoje meno vám nepoviem ale ak ma náhodou uvidíte na ulici môžte na mňa zaktričať
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som v 1.ročníku na SOŠ. A To je zatial asi všetko, aj tak sa mi už sem nič nezmestí. :)

Po**baný vekový rozdiel

23. listopadu 2011 v 21:57 | Zombie~ |  Píšem...
Prepáčte za ten názov ale nič iné ma nenapadlo. Fakt. Čo k tomu povedať?
Vraví sa že v láske na veku nezáleží. No nie vždy je to tak. Možno by tých 10 rokov ani nebolo tak strašne vela kebyže ja mám aspoň 20 a on 30. Ale takto je to strašne na pi*u. Možno by bolo lepšie kebyže sa úplne prestávame stretávať. Časom by sme na to obidvaja zabudli. Ale ja ho takto nemôžem nechať. Už teraz je na tom dosť blbo nechcem aby mu kvôli mne bolo ešte horšie. Aj keď fakt že pri sebe stojíme a obaja vieme čo chcem ale nemôžme je dosť blbé...

21:55: A práve mi od neho prišla smska. Že počká. Kým nebudem mať aspoň 18. To je za chvílu. A dovtedy...dovtedy neviem čo.

Avatar...zase od Charlotte. :)


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2 Ronnie Ronnie | Web | 24. listopadu 2011 v 22:51 | Reagovat

To je v poriadku, hlavne že je všetko u teba okej :) Zbytočne to nerozoberaj! :)

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I flipped through the pages easily for hours since this was such a pleasant reading experience. Low Blows Telling everyone embarrassing stories about your ex or spreading rumors will make you feel good in the short term, but it is guaranteed to come back to haunt you. He says he s never going to come back.  
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Let her see that you have rapidly matured after the break up and are way past the level you were at when she broke up with you. Treat your ex nicely: Be polite and make her feel that you are not affected at all by the break up. I initially thought it was my Pip ending (the original one) that, having fucked it up all those years ago, you were still in love with me but I had moved on.  
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If anyone would have told me all this interacted web of what it is like dating an married, or a recently divorced man, I would have hit the ground running. She will start to think that your desire to get back together is far stronger than you re letting on, and she ll start selling herself on the idea. He even decided to drop me off home and in the end we kissed.  
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Picking up the book will open a sealed gate to the north and the escape route. Carolyn 16 of 24. The three months we were together was something I have never seemed to be totaly inlove.  
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I just recently had this experience where this guy I was seeing said a lot of bad things about his ex and didn t want to get back with her like he said. That little thing that is different from everyone else can be very attractive to another person. Researchers at the University of British Colombia tell Business Insider that "the whiter the teeth, the better.  
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I just have that sixth sense. But the big issue is that most guys will never think about buying cologne or a fragrance to attract women, and even when they think about doing it, they will think that they are choosing the right one, but in fact, they are just victims of crooked advertisement. I feel like I cant come out of this.  
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